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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I "Mustache" You A Question Valentine {Freebie}

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We took these pictures last summer at the Frontier Day's Melodrama, so I just had to create these Valentines.  I love Photoshop! 
I was just as excited as the kids to pass these out today, Averie could hardly wait!

Update:  I am happy to email you this PSD Photoshop file.  Just become a blog and Facebook follower, share on Facebook,  pin on pinterest, and shoot me an email (csperriton{at}, and it is yours!  All you'll need to do is insert a picture of your child with a mustache in place of my kids' picture.  Easy Peasy!

1 comment:

The Asays said...

Too cute and I love the picture of Kempton with the helmet. He looks like a little Cale with it. We are jealous of the snow in the sledding pictures. We haven't had any good snow! Looks like the kids had a great time.