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Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick Trip

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I neglected to write about our quick trip to Utah recently.  We left the day after Christmas and stayed most of the week, partly with my brother and family and then with Cale's brother and family. 

While there, Cale had some much needed guy time.  He went four wheeling with Forrest and Shawn one of the days.  The rest of us spent the day with my parents, Chelsea, Jennie, and Nichole. 

Cale then went skiing with his brother and we hung out with Marcie and kids plus our family friend, Sean.  
Kempton and Liam are pretending to be something mean.  Not sure what that mean thing is.

Kempton has a helmet just for him for when he rides with Daddy on the four-wheeler at Grandpa's house.

I (obviously) did a horrible job taking pictures while there!  But just take my word for it that we had a fabulous time and were glad we made the trip.

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