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Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy at Happy Jack

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We finally got to use the sled Santa brought for Christmas!  There hasn't been a lot of snow here, until this month that is!  February has brought snow, and this day there wasn't any wind and the skies were sunny and beautiful.  So we took advantage and traveled 10 minutes to Happy Jack, a huge sledding hill. 
Daddy got his workout lugging all three kids to the sledding area.  The snow was too deep for them to walk, it went up to Brenna's waist. 

Of course Averie had no fear and went down by herself without even blinking.  She couldn't decide if the adrenaline rush down was worth the steep walk up the hill.  I also had to explain to her to tighten all of her muscles, especially her abdominals as she was going down so she wouldn't feel (and look) like a rag doll. 

Kempton and Brenna were willing as long as Daddy was with him.  I was tempted to go down in my 7-month-pregnant self until I witnessed about 5 adults get catapulted off their sleds.  Probably not a good idea AT ALL.  So I spent my time getting lots of exercise climbing up and down the hill.

We took a hot chocolate break in between and the kids played in the snow

They amazingly lasted about 2 hours until Brenna realized her hands and toes were frozen and I had to carry her all the way back to the car.  Poor thing! And poor Mama...

This was my "best" for the winter.  We had such a blast!  And then finished our day off at Pizza Hut

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