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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You know you are nearing the end of your pregnancy when...

Pin It - Your 7-year-old daughter is watching you make breakfast in your robe and says, "Mommy, it's not just your tummy getting bigger.  It's your bum too!"

-There is not much distinction between your chin and your neck.

-It is just easier to crawl around on all fours than to pick things up off the ground.  Your kids now think this is the normal way to tidy up. 

-You do not feel hungry for regular food...just icecream.

-Everything takes effort.  Especially putting on your shoes and getting up off the floor.

-You hit a brick wall in the afternoon and all you can think about is turning on the cartoons and lying down for "just a minute".  The minute turns into an hour. 

-You prepare a long list of reasons why your doctor should deliver you early (lucky for me my doctor listens).

-You can't imagine feeling "normal" again.

-Everyone seems skinnier.  You look at your friends and people at church and think to yourself, "I don't remember them looking THAT skinny."

-You snore.  And when you share a hotel room with your Dad and Mom, your Dad (who is known as the snorer in the family) informs you that you were snoring.  Guess you can't point the finger now!

-You have a hard time kneeling in prayer.  Literally, like the kneeling part.  Any position is justified, even lying down. 

-You have to be a contortionist to shave your legs...and let's not even talk about other areas that need to be shaved.

-Strangers go out of their way to pick things up for you.  You think to yourself, "Is it THAT obvious?"

-Baby hiccups have moved from just above your pelvic bone to your butt.

-When you can't find a single room in the house that is clean and organized enough to your liking.

-You are on the brink of tears at any given moment.  It is usually inspirational quotes that really put you over the edge.

-You have seriously considered wearing Depends to bed, just so you don't have to get up a million times at night.  Your husband thinks this is very sexy.    

-You don't remember not being pregnant.  And...What does it feel like to jump?

-Getting out of bed becomes a process.  (Roll to the side and use your right hand to lift you up, let the baby settle in that position, then stand up, then let the baby settle again, then walk forward). 

-You dread sneezing.  It shakes your whole body and wakes the baby.

-You walk like your Granny (love you Granny).

-You have to take deep breaths mid-sentence.

-You feel like the person who ate Suzette.

-When you try to run shuffle, it puts you out of commission for a day and night and your husband forbids you from running again. You narrow your options for physical activity down to swimming.  And boy do you look sexy while swimming with your maternity suit, swim cap and goggles. 

During my first pregnancy I told my husband, "I think pregnancy is my natural state."  It was that good.  But this is no longer the case, I have eaten my words.  There is nothing natural about it!  ;) 

But with all this said, we cannot wait to meet this little person inside my belly.  Averie wakes up every morning and says, "I can't believe we are going to have a 14 days!!!"  She tells me this when she gets home from school and before she goes to bed.  The other two are just as excited, and Cale is not shy about hiding his excitement either.  We can't wait to enjoy this baby and plan to savor every moment!  Hurry up baby, will you?


Amber Hanni said...

hahah oh my gosh i agree with all of these! it is amazing how fast you forget! i especially agree with the praying. i think i said prayers laying down most of the time. i regret to say i haven't gotten completely out of the habit...

Shelli said...

You made me really laugh. My daughter is due in 2 1/2 weeks with her third little boy, so I know she would get a kick out of this too. I bet you still look beautiful though, and in no time you will be your skinny little self again. You are a beautiful, good, mother and wife. I wish you and your family all the best with the new addition to your darling family.

Peterson's said...

Oh, I am so excited to feel this way at the beach in June! I dread the sneezing becuase if I haven't gone potty in means I could totally pee my pants! I can't believe you are only 14 days away! We are way excited for you!

Bisel Family said...

I second this....and I love your guts. Good luck with everything. I wish I was there to help out a little!

The Little's said...

Not only did you make me giggle, but I think that this post is a great motivator towards abstinence. Thank you. ;0)

Eardley Fam said...

Hahha!! So true, so true. Thanks for the good laugh. Best of luck-you are almost there!! How exciting!