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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Grandma

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Last month, my Grandma DeRose passed away.  I traveled alone to attend her funeral and spend time with my Peterson family.  It was a special experience to remember her life and something I needed for closure.  I am truly grateful for my incredible husband and nurturing mother-in-law who took great care of our little ones so that I could focus on the loss of my Grandma. 

The funeral was very beautiful, with participation from many.  I was asked to write my grandma's Life Sketch, which I felt overwhelmed by this responsibility.  Grandma lived a long life and I was nervous to write the important highlights of her life, and hoped it would flow nicely.  But I truly felt inspired while writing it, and was so happy that my cousin Ani read it.  There was also several beautiful tributes written, one by uncle Kevin who talked about Grandma as a mother and the other by my brother Chad who spoke for all of us Grandkids about what a wonderful Grandma we were all blessed with.  My brother Shawn sang beautifully a song requested by my Grandma.  The third generation of little ones also sang. 

There are a few silver linings when loved ones pass.  I loved seeing my family and extended family, many of whom I had not seen in years.  We managed to have some fun and laugh a lot.  We were very close-knit while growing up, my Grandma was the glue that held everyone together. 

The passing of my Grandma also confirmed my faith that this life is only temporary, that I will see my Grandma again.  It confirmed my faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Averie came home from church the Sunday after I came home with this sweet drawing of her feelings on the passing of her Great-Grandma.  It is amazing to me how much children understand of the Plan of Salvation. 

Grandma was buried next to her second husband, Grandpa Barney.

All of Grandma's six children were in attendance, along with 12 out of 13 of her grandchildren, who traveled near and far to say our goodbyes.

I love this picture of my brother Chad, who is Grandma's oldest grandchild.

From left to right:  Ali (cousin), Ani (cousin), Ember (family friend), Sue (sis-in-law), me (very pregnant), and Jennie (cousin). All of us Granddaughters are pictured, except Nichole (who had just given birth to a premature baby boy. We missed you sis!)
Here I am looking blob-like in this picture but loving these ladies I'm in between.

The Peterson Clan, including the third generation


Marcie Tess said...

It's so bitter sweet when a Grandparent passes away and they leave behind a legacy. I am so happy you were able to attend the funeral. I am sure it was a beautiful celebration of her life and her family. Thinking of you!

MELVA N. CLAY said...

These pictures are awesome! except for the fact that I was the only one not in them :( It's ok right? all worth it! :) miss grandma terribly!