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Friday, May 11, 2012

Week Two and Three

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Gran came at the perfect time, exactly one week after Kinlee's birth.  It was perfect because she came the day Cale went back to work and was here to help while I fought a bad case of full-fledged mastitis and thrush (I've had mastitis around this time with almost all my newborns).  Gran got everyone off to school in the mornings so that I could sleep in and take time with Kinlee.  And oh what a dream Kinlee has been! She is such a wonderful sleeper so far, feeding around 11:00 pm, once in the night around 3:30 am, and then sleeping in until 7:30-8:00 am. 

Oh how I love the smell of my newborn baby.  And I love just holding her tight and marveling at her silly expressions.  I love how she knows who I am and how she calms down instantly when she is in my arms.  I have literally shed a happy and grateful tear every day that she has been here so far.  I feel so blessed, family and motherhood bring me true joy.  This joy comes from the sacrifice that we as mothers make for our children. I truly believe that Heavenly Father designed it this way for us women.  Motherhood is the ultimate example of sacrifice and service there is here on earth.  And when we sacrifice and serve our children, we love them so much our hearts hurt.

Having Gran visit has helped Brenna transition smoothly into big sisterhood. 

I hope I'm an energetic Grandma just like my Mom.  How lucky are they? 

 My Mom has been talking about making these "crepes Suzettes" for me for a very long time.  She finally got her chance and they were delicious!  Averie had seven of them. 

Gran spent lots of time working with Kempton and Averie on their Cats Cradle Skilz.  Kempton is  amazingly fast at learning all the different tricks, he has such a brilliant mind for these sorts of things, blows everyone out of the water!  Gran worked hard trying to stay one step ahead of him, she would study the tricks until midnight trying to figure them out to teach the kids the next day.

We have a "new normal" around here.  I was a little worried how the mornings would go with getting the kids out the door before 8:00 am and at the same time nursing a newborn and attending to her needs.  The day my mom left I felt such a sense of peace and confidence that this is something that I can handle.  There is nothing to worry about, it is possible to give all of my children the attention and love that they need. 



Jill said...

How great is your mom?!? I bet your kids loved their time with Gran.

And, I'm no expert, but I think your little Kinlee looks so much like you. What a sweetheart!

Brian, Emily, Violet, and Jack said...

Kinlee is SO beautiful, congratulations to your whole family Suzette! Your mom is also SO wonderful, what a blessing for you all!

Fiagle Family said...

she is adorable. it goes by soo fast. take time to enjoy it now