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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home

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After recovering in the hospital for 48 hours and spending many hours bonding with my beautiful Kinlee, it was time to go home.  The nurse walked with us (I got to walk too!) out to our car and gave us a hug goodbye.  I loved my nurse, she showered us with complements and took such good care of us, such an angel.

We kept things simple around here, and Cale took time off work to be able to thoroughly enjoy his baby.  We were able to spend several days just with our little family in between Grandmas coming to help out.

Baby's first bath.

Kempton loves loves LOVES his sister, always kissing her and checking up on her.  He tells me that I shouldn't eat onions because baby won't like it in my milk.  hehe

Bright eyed and bushy-tailed.  Kinlee's hair continues to be brown.  If I remember correctly with Averie, by this time her hair was already turning blonde and with Brenna and Kempton, their hair was light red from the beginning.  We will just wait and see.  The Pediatrician predicted that her eyes are blue but I'm not sure about that.

Sleeping Beauty

Beautiful flowers from Grandma Perriton and Wyotech

One night while Cale was occupied with his studies, I didn't think I had the energy to put everyone to bed.  So I had them join me in bed with Kinlee.  I sang them all to sleep, it was such a tender moment with my four babies. 


It is sinking in that I am the mother of FOUR.  It baffles my mind a bit to think that I have reached this stage of life.  They are my greatest accomplishment and the addition of Kinlee to our family brings such a sweet spirit to our home.  We are completely in love with her. 

Our first few days home with Kinlee were perfect.  She continues to be incredibly mild mannered and lets me sleep for 3-4 hour stretches at night.  She rarely makes a peep and only squeaks a little when she is hungry.  My heart melts just thinking of her. 


Nichole Peterson said...

Suzette! I just want to tell you how happy I am for you guys! I love you all dearly and she is just beautiful! I am SO SO SO excited for you to finally meet my little angel and I can't wait to meet sweet Kinlee. She is just gorgeous. Love her brown hair! How funny is it that we both got red heads! haha :) Well love you!

Washington Hills said...

Favorite picture - all your babies in bed with you. BEST MOM IDEA EVER.