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Thursday, June 21, 2012

6 week old smiles

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By six weeks, Miss Kinlee was all smiles. 

She responds so easily to attention and is so incredibly happy in the mornings.  We just talk and talk, we have very meaningful conversations. :)  I don't mean to brag or anything, but my baby loves me.  I am her favorite...hehe.  One of my favorite things that is unique to only her is when she rubs her face on my shoulder when she is tired.  She will nuzzle and nuzzle until she falls fast asleep.  She also loves her Daddy and brother and sisters, but she definitely loves me the best!  wink, wink 

At six weeks, Kinlee:

Only gets up once in the night to feed
Loves her bath and will just lay there quitely with her eyes closed in a total relaxed state
Looks like all of her siblings mixed together, but mostly resembles Averie as a newborn
Still has brown hair (crossing my fingers)
Is starting to get chunky thighs...I love fat babies!!!
Coos and talks back
Likes her swing
Takes a bottle
Spits up a lot
Gets daily baths because she spits up a lot
Lets out man burps
Nuzzles her face into my chest to fall asleep
Snores quietly
Smells delicious
Let's us know when her tummy hurts with her miserable expressions
Has two dimples, her right side very obvious

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