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Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Vacation: Legoland

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The main attraction (and what our kids had been looking forward to for a year) in San Diego was LEGOLAND!!!  It was all that it was hyped up to be and was perfect for our age of kids (10 and under) with lots of fun rides and very little wait time.  They could go on their favorite rides over and over again.  They even let you bring in your own cooler so you can eat your own food and not pay their outrageous prices.  You can put together your own Lego person and buy it to bring home.  The following pictures will prove how much fun it was!  We went for two full days, plus a half day at the aquarium.  I HIGHLY recommend it, we would definitely compare it to Disneyland and for our age of kids, it's maybe better?! Blaspheme I know. 

Kempton's expression is pure terror in this picture but when he got off he said it was fun:

Averie was grumpy (I can't remember why.  Maybe it was too hot or too cold or she didn't get enough sleep or she wanted to go on a different ride.  Who knows?!?!).  But Grandpa cheered her up and I was grateful.  

Brenna has the hots for Luke Sky Walker...and Darth Mal. 

Kempton and Averie went on all the scary rides, but Brenna takes after her Mother and goes for the safe options where you are trotting on a slow fake horse.  

Every time I see this picture of Clay I crack up.  Love Brenna kissing Daddy too.

Clay and Nichole doing the Tebow, Thumbs up from Dad, and Averie surrounded by crazy grown-ups.

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