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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back to Birthday

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I'm backtracking a bit because I was too anxious to post about Averie's special day.   

The night before her birthday, we set up a balloon trap. 

She requested french toast for her birthday breakfast.

She opened her presents [and was totally spoiled by Grandparents by the way].
Her main present from Mom and Dad was her very own scriptures, with her full name engraved in gold.
Gran made her a darling scripture case to hold her new scriptures.  Plus a white towel with her name stitched in blue for her baptism. 

Grandma gave her some adorable new dresses and an amazing rock collection [what 8-year-old gets THIS excited about a rock collection?  Grandma knows her well!].
Oh how I love my Averie!  She is also the apple of her Daddy's eye.  She lives life to the fullest and is so excited about everything.  Things come easily for Averie.  She is a leader.  She loves school, friends, art, cheerleading, sewing projects, shopping with Mommy, nick-knacks, clutter, and playing make-believe with her brother and sister.  She hates getting her hair done, being cold, cleaning her room, and being late.  Every day when she comes home from school, she tells me who she played with, it's different every day! She finds the good in everyone.  She adapts well to change.  She has always been so extremely independent.  She talks like a grown up, and understands more than we expect.  She has her Daddy's sense of humor and a huge smile that lights up a room. 
What a joy it is to be her mother! 
She has helped me to grow in so many ways and I know she was sent to me to teach me and help me to become a better person. 

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