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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Measurements vs. Weight

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Even if your workouts are consistent, intense AND your daily intake is restricted and nutritious...sometimes the scale doesn't budge.  This [of course] is extremely frustrating! 

Well...wipe that frown off your face and remember to measure yourself!  The pounds are not the only indicator of progress.  In fact, constantly watching the scale can be discouraging.  Your weight may not be changing, but your body composition is.  You are getting rid of unwanted fat and building wanted muscle. 

For example:  Have you ever heard of a skinny fat person?  There are lots of them out there.  When I was working in my field and doing regular body fat skin-caliper testing for clients,  it was very common to discover thin women with high body fat.  These women were unhealthy as compared to women who weighed more but had lower body fat percentage.  Body composition is very important and it shouldn't matter as much what the scale says.  If you aren't able to get your body fat tested, measuring yourself is the next best thing. 

Since having my baby six months ago, I have measured myself on a monthly basis.  When the scale wouldn't budge [and discouragement would take over], I was always encouraged after I measured myself because the inches were indeed coming off.

One year ago [Pre-Pregnancy], I measured myself just as the benchmark.  Then I measured again at three weeks postpartum.  Measuring before and after pregnancy told me how many inches I needed to lose.

Since three weeks postpartum, I have lost:

under belly button= 2 inches
rib cage {right under breasts}= 2.25 inches
glutues maximus {aka bootie}=  2.25
right thigh=  1 inch
left thigh= 1.75 inches
left bicep= .75 inches

At three weeks postpartum, I neglected to measure right at my belly button {even though this area has been super stubborn with my fourth pregnancy}!  I have lost several inches, but still have 1.5 inches left.  I am not back to my pre-pregnancy inches in any area yet, but...

Look how encouraging it is to MEASURE!!! 

I suggest men measure right at belly button, chest, calves, gluteus maximus, neck, thighs, and biceps. 

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