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Monday, October 29, 2012

Flo's [6-week Body Challenge] Week 3

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I was so excited to post today and share my progress. 
I got on the scale this morning and have lost a solid two pounds. 
This means that what I have preached for years and years actually works! 

Two pounds may not seem like much, but remember:  as you get closer to your goal weight, the remaining pounds decide to be stubborn.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with my results.  These intense and quick workouts and nutritional goals are paying off!
I didn't miss a work out, I reduced my caloric intake, made healthy choices, and went to bed hungry.  There were days that I didn't have time in the morning to work out, and never found the time until after the kids were in bed.  But I stuck to my plan no matter what.  It was hard work and I had to be self-motivated.  Losing the extra fat had to be more important than a moment of weakness.
I have four weeks to lose three pounds of fat.  Let's see if I can continue on this winning streak. 

Week Three workouts are sure to kick my butt.  And I like that. 
But do you want to know what is the hardest?  My diet.  And this of course is what I have been telling my clients for years.  It's easier to complete a workout then to change dietary habits.

[for elbow/hand push-ups:  start in plank position, down on elbows, then back up onto hands in plank.  Alternate right arm then left.]
[double crunches:  don't let legs touch the ground, push abs into ground as to not strain back]
[oblique planks:  20 on each side]
[repeat 10 times]
plank jacks found in week 2:

reverse crunches found in week 1:

It's never too late to join me!  Give it a whirl and see if you to can begin your winning streak.

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