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Monday, October 15, 2012

Flo's [6-week Body Challenge]

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 I remember going to my 6-week appointment after having Averie [8 years] and only having 7 pounds to lose. With Kempton [6 years] and Brenna [4 years] it was 14 pounds. Still pretty manageable.

But then over four years later and being well into my 30s my precious baby girl Kinlee [6 months] entered the scene. And at that same 6-week appointment, I had 21 pounds to lose. After having four kids, my weight to lose tripled!

Thinking it would come off just as easily, I didn't sweat it. After all, I'm exclusively nursing and that's what shed the pounds the last THREE times....right?!?! Unfortunately I couldn't count on just the nursing this time and decided I had better practice what I preach and come up with a plan.

Since then, my workouts have been strictly running. Three miles 4-5 days each week, hopefully under 30 minutes (I have a treadmill...which was a great investment by the way). Shedding the fat was the main priority. I also tried hard to eat well, but I didn't get too crazy. It was a good plan because I have shed 13 more pounds [but not without blood, sweat, and tears] since my 6-week appointment. It has been HARD to say the least. And I still have 8 to go.

I am now ready to kick it up a knotch, and put my understanding and knowledge to the test. And because I always tell clients to make small, attainable goals, MY goal is to:

Lose 5 pounds in 6 weeks [by Thanksgiving]

Ok's the "dirty laundry" I was talking about.
The before shots:

And the main culprit:

Now for the plan.
Join me in watching if it works.

"Sometimes it is the last few pounds that are the hardest," is what I tell others who have had this same problem.

[I also have inches to lose but I'll talk about that later]

As always, I advocate healthy weight loss. No fad diets, NO starving myself
Good, Old-Fashioned, Calories in, Calories out.
My good friend [Nicole] recently discovered Cross-Fit and has been encouraging me to try it out. She was fit before, but it has really helped take her fitness to the next level. Unfortunately there is only one place in town that offers the classes, and at strange times. So in the meantime [while my life is devoted to this little one who can't be without Mommy for more than 1-2 hours], the above plans are my own crossfit-ish workouts.

Now onto food.
I won't eat after 7:00 pm, which means I go to bed hungry.
I won't eat sweets, unless it's a free day.
I will give myself two free days [Friday and Sunday].
I will drink 2 glasses of water before each meal.
I will follow the 1200-1400 Calorie Menu.

Here is a list of my favorite:
Breakfast Ideas
Power pancakes with vanilla yogurt topping
Old-fashioned oats with frozen blueberries and Truvia
Kashi Go-Lean Cereal with milk and banana
Egg and whole wheat toast with milk
Fruit smoothie with whole wheat toast
Granola, berries, and yogurt

Snack Ideas
Greek yogurt
Cottage cheese and peaches

Lunch Ideas
Albacore Tuna sandwich with fresh vegetables
Turkey sandwich with fresh vegetables
Peanut butter and honey toast with hard-boiled egg
Fresh green salad with lots of vegetables, hard-boiled egg and roasted chicken breast

Dinner Ideas [remember these are well-balanced meals for my family, not necessarily nonfat]
On the menu this week:
Homemade Tomato Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Pasta e Fagioli with Homemade Rolls
Taco Salad

Stay tuned for weekly updates. Watch and see if I can put my money where my mouth is!


Casey said...

Hey there! I'm one of Marcie's friends and we are all doing the 6 week challenge together. I was putting my kids down for naps when people were on the phone asking you questions so she said I could write you on here.

Do you know of anything I can do or eat that will help me sleep and not be so tired all day? I have a fitbit that tracks my activity, calories, and sleeping habits and it tells me in a 6-8 hour span i wake up about 25 times. It's hard to watch my two kids all day on so little sleep. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Suzette said...

Hi Casey!

I'm so sorry you have insomnia, or not getting full sleep. I have had it a few times and it caused me a great deal of anxiety. It takes over your life.

The honest answer to this question is that there isn't any miracle food that will take the place of sleep. Meaning, if you aren't getting enough good sleep, then eating nutritiously may not be able to make up for it. That is the bad news. But eating nutritiously will make you feel much better than if you were not eating well. It's just that if you are tired from lack of sleep, you need sleep. :)

I have a few questions:

1) Do you exercise vigorously each day? (at least 30 minutes) Exercise will help you to sleep better. Do not exercise in the evening if you have trouble sleeping.

2) Have you ever tried melatonin? I have, and it works. Try 0.3-0.5 mg before bed. Start with the lower dose.

And here are a few other suggestions:

1) Avoid caffiene in all forms.

2) See a doctor.

3) Avoid naps. This can be a vicious cycle where you can't sleep at night so you lay down for a nap.

4) Don't turn on lights in the middle of the night, and don't flush the toilet! I'm not kidding, noises like these will wake you up.

5) Try a warm bath and herb tea at night to get you settled down.

6) Try a white noise maker. Marcie and I both have these and our kids love them.

7) No tv in room, try reading.

8) DON'T EAT AFTER 7:00 pm. When there is food to digest in your system, your body focuses on that instead of replenishing cells. Food churning in your stomach (even if you don't notice it) isn't helping you sleep.

Keep me posted on this!

Casey said...

Thanks so much for the advice! I do work out daily, but it is at night. That is the only time I can go since my husband is home and can watch the kids. One of the classes it Hot Yoga which I would think would help me sleep? Last night after Zumba I took a bath with lavender oil and it seemed to help me fall asleep a little faster than I have been.

I have not tried melatonin...I think I may give that a try. I did see a doctor and they said my progesterone was like non existent and I have hypothyroidism, but I have been on the meds for those and still having issues. I have started doing your "no eating after 7 pm" and other suggestions, so hopefully I'll be able to get some decent sleep soon!

Anonymous said...

Do you repeat the running in the workouts 4 time or do you run then repeat the exercises 4 times?

Suzette said...

The running is included in the workouts, so you will run a total of 2 miles during the work out.

1) Run 1/2 mile
2) 10 push ups
3) 20 Reverse Crunches
4) 20 Squats

Then repeat ALL 4 STEPS 4 times.

Hopefully I'm making sense. :) Let me know if not.