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Friday, October 12, 2012

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As I was doing a little "research" in the blogging world, it became obvious to me that there aren't any health and fitness blogs that I could relate to.    
Here's what I did find: 

Blogs about personal weight loss journeys
Blogs promoting a fitness or nutritional product
 Blogs by 20-something experts with hot bods 

Blogs about running

 Blogs about clean, organic, and whole eating
Maybe you fall into the above categories, but I sure don't
 I fall into the "thirty-three-year-old-aging-mother-of-four-children-who-hardly-has-time-to-sleep-yet-alone-exercise-for-more-than-45-minutes-and-needs-to-feed-her-family-well-balanced-meals-on-a-budget" category.
I can't always eat organic.  I need fast, easy, and nutritious.
There is no time in my life to be fanatic about anything.  My objective is to be fit, healthy, and feel good.
I can't always leave the house to exercise and definitely can't spend hours at the gym.  I need quick and effective workouts.
I have a feeling many of you need the same, and I hope to help however I can.  By sharing my personal experiences and nutrition and exercise knowledge. 


Kathryn said...

I agree and will be following alone! Thanks for doing this

Kathryn said...

That was along not alone....