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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Stay Tuned] for my Dirty Laundry

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I know, I know!!

The health and fitness part of this blog has been MIA. It's like I gave up.
I won't annoy bore you with my excuses, but rest assured I did not give up on health and fitness.
It's still my passion, but I could only seem to keep up with my OWN health and fitness for the past year let alone help others (a good example of how life just takes over and survival mode kicks in).
So to re-introduce this part of my blog, I am laying out all of my dirty laundry on the front lawn for all of you to see. This exposure will take place Monday so stay tuned.

And hopefully it will help a few of you who are in my same boat:

Do you need to lose those few extra pounds?
Is your time limited?
Is it hard for you to get out of the house to exercise?
Do you need help in just exactly what to eat?
Would it help if I told you some of my little tricks and secrets?

Like I said, stay tuned Monday for the details and specifics...

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