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Saturday, October 6, 2012

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Averie turned a big milestone this year and because we wanted her baptism to be the focus, we didn't do an official party.  But we did have her two BFFs [as they call it] over for a sleepover the week before her birthday.  It was very low-key but oh-so-fun!   

We began by each making our own barbecue pizzas. 
We then ate Averie's requested red velvet cupcakes [thank you Auntie Denise] and cake batter ice cream.
It was then time to open presents.  Averie was spoiled by her besties.  She got a newborn cabbage patch [she has been OBSESSED with everything and anything cabbage patch lately].
Here they are in their matching PJ pants and cabbage patches.

She also got new pajamas for her American Girl Doll [whom she is also still obsessed with]. 
 See?  Totally spoiled I say!!!

Silly girls

We sent little brother and sisters to bed and let the big girls stay up late.  They watched Mary Poppins and ate our family's favorite of popcorn with M&Ms and Skittles.
We then made fairy jars [glitter combined with glow stick liquid in a Mason jar].  Their reaction to their fairy jars was worth the glitter all over my kitchen!  I then sent them to bed and heard them talking a bit before they fell fast asleep...and they didn't wake up til 8:00 am! 
The next morning I made Averie's favorite of crepes and they played and played all morning.
The easiest birthday party yet!

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