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Saturday, October 6, 2012

[Not "Just Another Day"]

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Sometimes for my birthday I have made it a point to take a goofy picture of myself.  I haven't done this for the past few years, but here's one. And another.  It's kind of great to see the aging process unfold. Yeah right.

Cale was a good sport and volunteered to take the picture this year, but after about 25 pictures [this being the best]...

I took matters into my own hands. 
I assume that when I am grey, wrinkled, and surrounded by grandchildren, I will look back at these birthday pictures with fondness and wonder where the time went... and curse gravity.

My 33rd birthday was not "just another day" thanks to the calls and texts from family and friends, and a birthday breakfast with friends.  We went to Applebees for a family dinner that night.  Then later in the week, my parents watched the kids so my honey and I could engage in good conversation at a local Japanese sushi bar [Have I mentioned how I love that we both have an adventurous and refined pallet?  It makes me love him even more].

  And to top it all off, I got some hot tamales from the monkeys.  Now I can move on with life.

1 comment:

Marcie Tess said...

Looking great Suzette! You honestly haven't changed a bit since I met you. Out of everyone I know I kid you not when I say you age gracefully (by gracefully I mean not at all). Happy Birthday!