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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Decor

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I have decided it is much easier to learn how to use my camera when objects do not talk back or move. 
Growing up my Mom had decorations for each and every holiday and special occasion.  I loved it, and so have been accumulating decor since we had kids.  You can imagine how much this pleases my husband as the bins are starting to pile up in storage!  But it is worth it, and now our kids love getting out the themed bins for every occasion. 
I saw a Halloween Pottery Barn tree a few years ago for a million dollars and with the help of my cousin Jennie created this replica for about $10 [these ornaments are the cutest, I got them at a country decor store here in town].
[showing some Wyoming support]   [table leg witch shoes from Pier 1]

 [spooky burlap and pumpkin soup bowl]

[I can't take credit for these adorable stuffed felt crafts, my friend made them]
[front door wreathe I purchased last year 90% off at Hobby Lobby]  [set of pumpkins made out of 4x4]

 [love my wheat]

[more burlap, you can't see that the burlap is attached to the fabric with little mustard safety pins]

[wood blocks]
Pretty soon it will be time to get out the Christmas decorations!

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