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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Hangover

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Halloween is lots of fun but also lots of work.  Party after party, activity after activity, treat after treat, picture after picture.  It requires a lot of organization for any Mom, to be sure to not dissapoint.  But it's worth all the scheduling and sweating [yes, I was literally sweating when I had 20 minutes to nurse a baby, do face makeup and hair for girl's costumes, get kids fed, pictures taken, and house tidy all by 4:30 pm without the help of my hubby who was out of town all week on business].  Good thing I work best under pressure! 

Brenna's school decided against any Halloween celebrations [bummer] so her class had a pajama party instead.  It worked out perfectly for her to wear her sponge curlers to school in preperations for her special hair do that went alont with her costume.  She was very excited to wear her "baby jammies" to school [the kind with footsies in them].   

 After preschool we hurried over to the school and helped with Averie and Kempton's parties. 
I made these cute candycorn colored fruit bowls [thank you Pinterest] with pineapple on the bottom, then mandarine oranges and whipped cream.
 Poor baby couldn't hide her feelings about missing her afternoon nap.  She was so sleepy but such a trooper. 

The parties were so much fun!  
We then got to go outside for Halloween recess.

After school we ran really quick to get a Jackolantern pizza from Papa Murphys [easy].  Then came home and got ready for the evening's events. 
We left with our friend Madelyn to the Women's Clinic trick-or-treat, then to a trunk-or-treat at our Stake Center. 

 [Averie as Draculaura from Monster High]
 [Kempton as the cutest Thor ever]
Can you guess who she is from behind?
 The Sun'll Come Out... 


Bet Yer Bottom Dollar That Tomorrow...

There'll Be Sun!  

Ever since Brenna entered this world with her beautiful red hair, I've been waiting for the day for her to dress up as Annie for Halloween.  All the kids LOVE the movie and know the words.  The day her red Annie dress came in the mail she immediately put it on and started singing to her hearts content all over the house, she really thought she was Orphan Annie! 
She got so much attention for her costume, especially her real red hair with curls.  People thought it was a wig!  Averie and Kempton got a little jealous of ALL the attention she got everywhere we went.  Averie said, "Mommy, how come all the adults know who she is right away?"  People would just start giggling when they saw her.  It was really fun to watch.
Our evening ended with official trick-or-treating around our neighborhood with Madelyn and our cousin Joey.

Baby bear's surprised eyes from the flash.  Uncle Paul held her the entire time.

This mama was exhausted after a full day of Halloween festivities.  I woke up the next morning with a Halloween Hangover!

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