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Friday, November 2, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Traditions

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We have a tradition in October of meeting our cousins at a pumpkin patch in Colorado, then heading over for cousin Tai's birthday party at a Jump Center.  It is something we look forward to every year and we are happy that they let us tag along! 

Kempton picked out the biggest pumpkin he could find.
And Brenna found the smallest.

 I wanted to get a cute picture of Kinlee in the pumpkins, but she was not a fan of the Hay.  She started to cry when she touched it! 
Cute cousins
We then carved our pumpkins.  Averie made her's into a Monster High Skull.

Kempton is old enough now that we let him carve his pumpkin all by himself.

Brenna put lots and lots of freckles on her pumpkin.

And Kinlee was too cute as she watched!

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