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Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Morning

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Christmas Morning Lineup.
We have very considerate children who wake up at a decent hour on Christmas morning.  They came into our room singing carols at 7:30 am.  Thank goodness!

We open Santa's presents one by one from youngest to oldest.  Kinlee sure got the hang of unwrapping presents!

It took us about 1 1/2 hours to open Santa gifts.  We like to take it very slow.  

This year Kempton got the dreaded "Dr. Dreadful" alien autopsy kit.  It was the first and favorite thing on his short list so Santa couldn't refuse.  Totally gross!  But he loved it.  He also asked for a Beyblade set, plus Santa saw fit to bring him a new Sunday shirt, puzzle, and walkie talkie.  His stocking was full of underwear, white shirts, Doritos, band aids  and a shoulder buddy.   He was a happy boy!

Brenna's only wish was a butterfly Dreamlite.  Santa also brought an art kit, pizza playdough set, bathtub Barbie, and new jeggings.  Her stocking was full of socks, Mac n' Cheese, band aids, and the toddler that goes with her dollhouse.   

Averie is a Monster High enthusiast and totally shocked to see that Santa gave her the entire Monster High doll set!  She also received a mini American Girl doll to continue her collection and (her request) of a magic 8 ball.  She had been wanting a "puffy vest jacket" for a long time now, so Santa spoiled her.  

Our family gift this year was a TRAMPOLINE for our backyard.  Now if only there is a day where the snow melts and it isn't sub zero weather so that Daddy can set it up!  

After Santa presents, we ate our traditional dinner of monkey bread and swiss cheese and bacon quiche.  Delish!

After breakfast, we opened cousin and friend gifts plus gifts from each other.  
Gran and Grandpa had been giving gifts throughout the month of December (which is so fun) and we decided to save our money this year from Grandma and Grandpa Perriton in their individual savings accounts (which is much appreciated).  

She's one happy girl after her Christmas morning nap.

And then we played a little with our new presents and webcammed extended family before heading over to Cheyenne to be with family and have Christmas dinner. 

Christmas morning was perfection!

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