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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Merry Christmas {with} Love

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Since day one of our family (established May 2000), I have created and sent out Christmas cards.  It usually includes a recap of our year plus our family picture.  Of course it is just another thing to do during the crazy holidays, but has proven to be well worth it as we look back at previous years.  Plus it forces us to take a family picture, which we may not do otherwise.  I used to enlist Cale for his talent with words, but now he just gives me thumbs up or down (making our letters not nearly as funny I am sure).   

The best part of sending our Christmas cards is that in return, we receive cards and letters from our dear friends and family from all over.  From way back at Ricks and Weber State, our time spent throughout the Detroit metro region, extended family members we don't see very often, and even our childhood friends.  

It is one of our favorite parts about Christmas.

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