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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Little Brenna Rosie

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Five years ago our little Brenna Rosie was born into our family. 

First thing in the morning, we opened presents from Gran and Grandpa.  She loves her new additions to her dollhouse, a Grandma and a Grandpa along with the laundry room.  She immediately went to her room to play with them. 

She lucked out with no school on her birthday.  Although she loves school, it was the perfect opportunity for Daddy to take day off so we could travel the distance to her one and only wish, a visit to the Build-a-Bear Workshop.  We had the perfect day together as a family and the weather was ideal in Colorado.  That in and of itself was worth the hour it takes to get there. 

Her beloved pink "bear" went missing a while back and she has been so very sad about it.  She didn't have to think twice when she saw this pink bear.  Everything she chose was pink.  Pink hat, pink outfit, and pink shoes!

Our next stop was to a restaurant of her choice.  Much to my dismay (but to everyone else's delight), she chose Golden Corral.  Mostly because of the all-you-can-eat cotton candy of course.  Don't blame her on that.  Cotton candy is one of my secret pleasures. 

On our way back home, we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Perriton's house to celebrate both Grandpa and Brenna's birthdays.  We ate dinner with them and then opened presents. 

Once again, Brenna got spoiled by both of her Grandmas!  

5 things I love about this five-year-old:
1) She is delightful.  Always happy, smiling, giggling, positive, silly, and says hilarious things.  Cale and I always cracking up at her comments, she is very witty.  And it's even more funny because she has a tiny voice.
2)  She is very affectionate.  With hugs, kisses, and lots of praise.  She gives me a self-esteem boost every day as she tells me I'm a good Mommy and she loves me.  She tells me she wants to be a Mommy like me someday.  Always showers me with compliments and loves.
3)  She is easy to please and adapts well to change.  If things don't go her way, she quickly moves on with life. 
4)  She is sweet yet spicey.  She knows how to stand up for herself and doesn't put up with nonsense.  
5)  She has a sensitive spirit and when she does get in trouble it breaks my heart because she feels so bad.
The day after her birthday we celebrated at preschool.  I brought individual vanilla icecream with gummy worms.  She wore her new outfit from Grandma and was all smiles as the center of attention.

Kinlee enjoyed the visit too.

Our little Brenna Rosie is such a joy.  Happy birthday tiny one.

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