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Monday, February 25, 2013

This week's {be healthy} challenge

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This week's challenge is to:
There is nothing magical about this little trick.  For weight loss, it doesn't matter what time we eat, it is just about fewer calories in our bodies than out.  But with that said, I have discovered most of us sabotage ourselves after 7:00 pm.  After already eating enough calories for the day, we get the munchies in the evenings and let our guard down.  Then we grab for that bowl of cereal or hot cocoa or whatever and there goes the 200 calories that we were trying so hard all day to save!  Sound familiar?
Another benefit to this challenge is that your stomach won't be churning all night trying to digest what you ate right before bed.  Instead of working on digestion, it will be focusing it's attention on replenishing cells and building up the daily break-down of tissues.  You will feel better rested.  You won't feel bloated or gassy.  You will wake up hungry, however.  And because it is a new day, you will eat something nourishing for your body in the morning.
Please DO drink plenty water after 7:00 pm, this is not a fast people.  In fact, a mug of tea is my favorite evening snack.  It really hits the spot.
And want to know a simple trick to help you stop eating at night?  Brush your teeth.  And maybe even floss!  It works like a charm.

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