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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let Me Spy on You

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Or you can spy on me, I'm fine with it. 
There are several nutrition and fitness tracking (cell phone) apps out there.  Spark People, My Fitness Pal, just to name a few.  But my favorite is Lose It. 


Here is why:
It is free
It is very user-friendly
You can scan any food you eat and it knows all about it, it's so smart!
You determine your weight loss/fitness goals and when you would like to reach your goals, and it will spit out how many calories you should be eating.
You also add your exercise and it will adjust your caloric requirement.
You can motivate your friends, or they can motivate you.  It will tell them when you have accomplished a goal. 
Even if you aren't trying to lose weight, it is very helpful.
You can even download the nutrient preferences to see if you are getting enough fiber and protein, or too much fat, sodium, and sugar. 

I recently started logging again because I needed to know if I am eating the right amount for my height, weight, age, and activity level (exercise).  I do this every so often when I feel like I'm getting off track.  If you think this is totally ridiculous, then here is what I mean:
Just by eating an extra 97 calories each day for 6 months, you will gain 5 pounds in that amount of time!!!  No joke.  And think if this went on for a few years.  You can see how it is so easy to gain 10, 20, and 30+ extra pounds.  97 calories is not a lot (you think to yourself), but it surely adds up over time.  
It is also important to check yourself regularly because as we age our body requires fewer calories (sad), so we need to make the proper adjustments.  And not trying to get too personal here, but these extra 10, 20, and 30 extra pounds are not healthy weight.  It is fat around the waist and internal organs which affects our health.  This fat causes disease like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and other forms of cancer, etc, etc, etc!  It is not as much about vanity as it is about health and longevity. 
We are all different, in our height, frame, and age.  We each have a healthy weight range that is best for our body type.  I have a fabulous chart and can share this information with you if you desire.  Just shoot me an email.   
And I digress...
We can be friends on LoseIt, this way I can spy on you and you can spy on me.  
This information between you and me will be private and confidential, so no worries on that. 
Find me on LoseIt by searching csperriton{at}

LoseIt! is amazing.  I wish I would have thought of it.  I would be a millionaire. 

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Heather said...

I love LoseIt too.