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Monday, February 18, 2013

250 minutes of Cardio

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This week's challenge is to complete:

250 minutes of cardiovascular exercise
(This must be in addition to resistance training exercise)
Here are the options:
Strictly jogging, running, speed walking, elliptical, swimming, or rowing.
This is 42 minutes 6 days this week.
50 minutes 5 days this week.
62.5 minutes 4 days this week.
You decide how you want to split it up.
I'll be spending most of my time here, in the construction zone.
Unless the weather warms up to above freezing with windchill, then I'll try a little outdoor action.
  And I'm very excited that our rec center has daycare again, I will spend a few days there.
Let me know if you see any results by the end of this challenge!  Weight loss, inches lost, running faster, etc. 
Disclaimer:  I'm a big believer in weight-resistance training, but want to challenge myself cardiovascularly.   

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