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Saturday, February 16, 2013


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I had a lot of fun with Valentines preparations this year. 
They were all simple things, but this countdown until February 14th was my favorite since having my children.

A while back, Averie noticed this picture in my childhood scrapbook. 
Upon first glance, she was dead set on making her Valentine's box into an oven, just like mine. 
It was a fun project to do together, and it brought back memories of when I made my oven box with my mom. 
 {I'm on the left with the white pants on, I'm in second or third grade. 
Averie pointed out that I'm the only one not smiling...haha}
Our finished product:


We wrapped the exterior with Valentine wrapping paper, the inside of the box is lined with tin foil, the handle is a broken sparkly headband, the "glass" is a ziplock plastic bag, and the knobs are soda tops with stickers so that they look 3-dimensional. 
For our first Family Home Evening in February, we heart-attacked our house with warm fuzzies about each other.  I think we will do this every year, it was so fun.  Here is some of what was said,
"I love how you always give me extra kisses for the closet in my brain!"  -to Brenna from Daddy
"I like when you throw me in the air!" -to Daddy from Averie
"You do cool tricks and are fun to play with." -to Kempton from Brenna
"You are silly and fun and really nice to me."  -to Daddy from Brenna
"I love how you are so giggly when you pretend fall on the bed!!"  -to Kinlee from Daddy
"I love how you are so beautiful, creative, and fun.  Even though you are now big, you will always be my baby." -to Averie from Daddy
"She is really pretty and nice to me." -to Mommy from Brenna
"My BEST friend.  I love how smart you are and can figure out how things work and how to fix things.  -to Kempton from Daddy

Leading up to Valentine's Day, I did a Valentine countdown for Cale.  I was surprised by how much he liked the little cheesy surprises each day.  I didn't mention this was a Pinterest find, so it took hardly any effort.  shhhhhhhhhh!
And I did my best to write love notes for the kid's Valentine mailbox.  Pinterest again!
The night before the lover's holiday, we had a Valentine's card party.   


I just called up my super talented cousin Jennie for this template she had in her files.  Just swapped out the pictures and staple on some "Pop Rocks."  Here's a closer look:

{I couldn't decide which picture was cutest, so I added them both!)
A treat and balloon to wake up to from Daddy and Mama

And a little surprise toast!
  We celebrated Valentines evening as a family with a heart-shaped pizza and red koolaid (a real treat around here).  No worries, we also had a healthy green salad! 


We ended the day with a real fresh strawberry shakes.  I think this was my favorite part, a dessert on a Thursday!  haha

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