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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break San Antonio (Part 1)

Pin It For spring break, we braved the two-day drive to San Antonio.  Driving wasn't bad at all, thanks to books on tape for the kids and a baby who slept most of the day.  We split it up into 8-9 hour legs with a hotel stay in between.  Something about a pool and a continental breakfast really excites our three. 

We arrived at Gran and Grandpa's with enough time to set up a Leprechaun trap for the next day, in hopes that we could catch the little guy. 

No such luck, just a mess and some gold rolo candy spread all over.  He sent us on a treasure hunt throughout the house with lots of green goodies at the end!

He was up to mischief and died our milk green.

 Perfect for our out-of-the-ordinary Lucky Charms cereal.

And for dessert, mint chocolate icecream and homemade brownies.

Kinlee didn't get pinched wearing her green jammies.  Relaxing with Grandpa.

The weather was so very nice the entire week, and Gran and Grandpa's pool was open.  We enjoyed a picnic by the pool and got enough courage to jump in the crisp water.  We soaked up the sun, knowing that the warmth would be short-lived and we would eventually travel on back to the tundra.

We spent a day at the riverwalk for lunch, where we ate our yummy Mexican food near the water, then redeemed our previous experience on a river boat.  No ruining a romantic gandala ride this time!  We all behaved ourselves.   
Then headed over to the Alamo to explore again.

 We explored the local children's museum where the highlight was a rock climbing attempt by Averie and Kempton.  They discovered that it was harder than it looks.  But were proud of themselves for trying!

Kinlee was a trooper and went along for the ride.

 Grandpa and Gran put the kids to work.  They loved dressing up as Liberty Tax wavers and getting passer-bys to honk.


Nichole Critchfield said...

Your kids are seriously the cutest! Looks like you guys had a blast with mom and dad even without us ;) What a cute idea with all of the St Pattis stuff. I will have to start doing that with Devin next year! Can't wait till we can get our red headed children together again soon?!? Love ya sis!

Fiagle Family said...

havent been on blogs in forever! your baby isnt even a baby any more!! man time goes too fast. alo I lUV HIIT workouts. I do them in my classes along with tabata...great burn and people stay focused better.