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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sprink Break San Antonio (Part 2)

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Part II of our Spring Break ended up being all about Sea World.  We went to Sea World about three years ago but Brenna has no recollection of it, and Kempton was so young that he didn't go on many of the rides.  Last time was loads of fun, but this time took the cake. 

It couldn't have been a more perfect day.  No crowds, no lines, happy baby, and not too hot at 77 degrees.  The kids could go on their favorite rides over and over again.  Plus with grandparents, we were 4 on 4!  :)  We've decided that the third week of March is the best time of year to visit my parents.

First things first, a family picture.
It is always good to prepare a plan at amusement parks, so that you aren't roaming around aimlessly.  We discovered an amazing Sea World application that I became obsessed with.  Our first stop was to feed the Dolphins and visit the sharks.  Brenna liked the idea of this, but once the dolphins approached her, she freaked out a little.  She was happy to watch from a distance.  

Last time we went to Sea World, it was before that horrible incident with the trainer.  So we were a little disappointed that the trainers didn't get in the water with the killer whales.  But understandably so.  I hate to say it, but it just wasn't nearly as amazing (or tear-jerking). 

We saw a few other shows.  Kinlee loved the Elmo show and was completely mesmerized.  I captured a few shots of her precious face.
See Elmo in the background?

I love these cheeks!
My favorite show was a darling little play where the seals, walrus, and otters were literally part of the cast.  They were trained to follow the actors around and would do things on cue.  It was A-MAZE-ING!  I couldn't get over it.  And neither could the kids.
Kinlee loved the animal actors.

Brenna's favorite show was with the beluga whales.  The main character was a silly acrobat guy who did slapstick things the entire show.  She laughed and laughed with her HUGE smile.  My mom and I were mostly entertained by her reaction to everything.  She would turn around and laugh out loud over and over again.   


Here's Kempton with yet ANOTHER facial injury.  

We rode ride after ride. 

Averie is still a daredevil.  I'm so glad because now Cale has someone to ride with.  haha  I have NO DESIRE to go on crazy rides.  Cale, Grandpa, Kempton, and Averie all went on Journey to Atlantis several times.  And then Averie and Cale went on the even scarier rides.  How fun for them. 
Kempton has turned a corner and has become quite adventurous. His main goal was to get wet.  By the end of the day, he was soaking wet. I didn't realize how wet until we got home and I gathered his dirty clothes. Even his socks and undies were soaked! It made me happy because he didn't complain one bit all the way home (and we even stopped at the grocery store). 
Even Grandpa's hair got soaked.  Still handsome!
We all played and played in the netting that was high above the ground. 

Baby had a little snoozer, and it was so great to have my parents with us to help so we could go play with our kids at times. 

What fun memories at Sea World with Gran and Grandpa!
(notice how sopping wet Averie, Kempton, and Grandpa are) 


Nichole Critchfield said...

Weirdly enough, these pictures of Kinlee are reminding me of Devin! Not sure why? Maybe they look a little alike? So cute!! We will definitely be needing to take Devin to Sea World at some point, but Disneyland definitely first! Love ya! Great camera work by the way

ColleenandKendra said...

We've been to the SA Sea World and loved it, too! The third week of March is the week right after Spring Break down here, so that's why it was empty! Perfect timing on your part!