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Thursday, April 18, 2013

She's One!

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Our precious girl turned one yesterday.  I have mixed emotions about this because I know how fast they grow and I just love (my) babies.  I can hardly stand to let her grow another inch.  I'm not sad per say, each stage has its own perks, but it seems that life is in fast forward lately.  And it is getting faster and faster the more kids I have and the older I get. 

This first year has been a pure joy, for all six of us.  She melts our hearts and we can't imagine our family without her.  We can't even get through a family prayer without someone giggling at something cute Kinlee is doing.  I  love that we have been able to thoroughly enjoy her, probably because we weren't in survival mode this time around.  

We love her so very much!

At 12 months, Miss Kinlee:

Is learning to walk, her record is 7 steps. 

Loves her Daddy.  She gets so excited when he comes home from work.  I think she knows she has him wrapped around her little finger.  He can't stand to let her cry or even whimper.  She still loves his "arm chair" and wants him to hold her constantly. 

Wants to keep up with the big kids.  And lets them tote her around with them.  Brenna is seen holding her and moving her from place to place.  We will find her in the middle of all the action as everyone is trying to get out the door in the morning. 

Is eating what we eat.  She definitely prefers this over baby food.  Her favorites are mushy Life cereal, cream of wheat, mandarin oranges, and sharp cheddar cheese.

Still nurses...a lot.  I've recently weaned her down to 5 times in a 24 hour period.  I really don't mind it, and can totally see her still nursing a little at 18 months. 

Still doesn't sleep through the night.  Most of this is logistics because she disrupts everyone else's sleep if we let her cry it out a little.  She shares a room with big brother and her sisters are too close for comfort right next door.  Last night she got up at 1:00 am and 4:00 am.  I haven't had more than 4 hours of sleep since she was born.  No wonder I can't seem to get my behind out of bed before 7:00 am! 

Got her first haircut.  She has a lot of hair and it was getting a little scraggly, so I took her in for the cutest little A-line bob. 

Does a little sign-language.  She's mastered "More" and "All Done."

Loves her bath time.  Daddy says "Bath Bath" and she b-lines it to the bathroom. 

Loves her little ribbon blankie.  Needs it to nap and go to sleep at night.

Loves to dance, she bounces up and down and swings her arms from side to side.

Comes along for the ride.  I imagine she will be very easy going since she has had so much practice going here and there.  With three older siblings, we can't cater to her schedule. 

Happy Birthday my delicious Kinlee Belen! 

My sister-in-law took these beautiful pictures, and her sister made the darling cake for Kinlee's cake smash.  Kinlee is SUCH a busy body, I was surprised to see any pictures with her sitting still for two seconds!  

I love this shot of all of her teeth!

She was a little shy about diving into her cake at first.

But then she tasted the delicious frosting!

She was still pretty dainty during the entire process! 


Brian, Emily, Violet, and Jack said...

What sweet pictures! Happy first birthday Miss Kinlee!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Time for another one? :)

Eardley Fam said...

Priceless photos!! She is so darling. What a beautiful family you have!

Suzette said...

Brooke! Do you still have a blog? I would love access to it again if so (I have no idea what happened to your link)! I want to keep up with all your family adventures overseas!