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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Girl's Birthday

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On Kinlee's actual birthday, we put on a little family party with just the six of us.  When the kids got home from school (and while the birthday girl was napping), we frosted cupcakes, wrapped presents, and decorated.  Her older brother and sisters were so excited to celebrate her special day.  They had been counting down the days to baby sister's first birthday. 

When Kinlee woke up from her nap, she went bazerk about the balloons.  We could have called it a day because she had such a blast with them.  She couldn't sit still for one second and even tried to eat them.  Once Daddy got home, we had macaroni and cheese (gasp) for dinner.  That is Kinlee's favorite of course.  We then opened presents, she loved her cell phone and Little People Cinderella princess and carriage.

(bummer that it's blurry but love her face)

After playing with all of those balloons, a wrapped present just wasn't cutting it. 

But once she got the hang of it and realized there was a prize inside, she became an expert present opener.  
Kinlee got our traditional present from our wonderful home teacher (and wife).  They are the best!

 Brenna chose both chocolate cake and frosting (my kind of girl) and they all frosted them.  Have you tried the new Cool Whip frosting?  It is delish!

 A little taste...

Turned into this:
And then of course in the hair.
 I loved our little family party! 
We then went to Cheyenne later in the week to have a little party with Grandma and Grandpa plus auntie and uncle.  Thank you to both Grandmas for spoiling this sweet baby rotten!


ColleenandKendra said...

So adorable! So what is in the can from the home teacher and wife???

Suzette said...

It's the cutest idea, she empties a can from the bottom, then cleans it out and fills with treats (this time baby treats, like animal crackers), then glues the bottom back on and decorates the can. My kids love it because it is something they've never seen before!