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Monday, July 8, 2013

13 and 14 Months

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 We of course think our baby is the funniest baby alive.  So funny, that we can't seem to make it through church or family prayer without someone getting into trouble for giggling.  Two months have passed since her first birthday and this little sweet thing is really coming into her own.  She is full of personality and is such a busy body. 

I always seem to capture her personality in pictures when she looks like a ragamuffin.  Hardly ever looking put together with a bow in her hair and a fresh outfit, but rather with goober face and chocolate milk down her shirt.  Don't judge me.  haha

She loves putting things on her head.  Dishtowels, blankies, hats, helmets, tiara's, etc.  

She loves her bunny, sleeps with it and carries it around constantly.

Her top ten words are:  uh-oh, Rooooaaar!, do-ga (doggy), Mama, Dada, huh? (with tilted head, pictured below), bunny, nana (banana), poopoo (kids taught her this), uh-ah (no)

Kinlee gets shy around strangers and will just stand like a statue and look down.  She will peek up to see if the stranger is still looking at her and then look back down quickly.  

 She uses her bunny as a baby and loves to sit in her dolly's stroller.  This time, the stroller wasn't put together so she just sat in this position for a while. 

She loves to grab onto her sibling's shirts and follow them around.  

Good little walker
Loves to play outside with bare feet
Loves to bounce on the trampoline
Loves to brush her teeth
Hates to keep hair bows and bands in her hair.  She takes them out within two minutes. 
Sporadically sleeps through the night
Still nurses, just at night and in the morning  
Doesn't particularly love food, although she is getting better.  Her favorites are bananas, lunch meat, cheese, mandarin oranges, and cereal with yogurt mixed in.  She loves Daddy's seltzer water and diet coke (much to Mommy's dismay).  
Gives the crustiest dirty looks
Gives the cutest open-mouth smile
Loves to read books.  Especially to herself, she babbles and turns the pages
Folds her arms during the entire prayer
Is another tiny girl, barely made the chart for her height
Has huge eyes, haven't settled on a color yet
Has a lot of red in her brown hair
Loves putting on shoes, can be found walking around the house with a different shoe on each foot, is usually not her own shoes
Follows directions, it amazes us how much she understands
Has a  mouth full of teeth, even four molars
Loves dogs, starts moving her entire body and making funny noises when she sees an animal
Loves emptying cupboards and drawers
Is such a good baby, rarely high maintenance and just wants to join the action

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