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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The 4th

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We love staying in town for the fourth of July.  Our little community puts on a great shindig, with everyone (and their joke) all coming together in one place.  This year was a bonus because Josh and Marcie were also in town for the festivities.

Fourth of July inspired hairdos for the girls: 

Showing some pride in the Red, White, and Blue....and the Broncos

Matching little girls:

 My favorite boy:

Averie got to help her BFF and sister serve free snow cones
Our cousins joined us at our freedom festival.  It looks like Kinlee and Londyn are deep in conversation.

We then went home and played with our cousins and enjoyed some barbecue (other than the major  minor choking incident where Cale almost died again and his brother saved his life--it was my brother last time-- and he had the children in tears but some laughing hysterically.  I think my heart is still pounding.)

The night ended with front row seats (our deck) to our city's fireworks show.  The kids had the coveted seat with blankets and pillow on the trampoline. We loved listening to their "ooooohs and aaaaaahhhs."

I love America! 

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