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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Auntie Nichole's First Visit

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The week after the 4th of July, Grandpa, Gran, Auntie Nichole, and baby Devin came for a visit.  We enjoyed the perfect weather (not too hot or too cold) while playing with their cousin.  My kids loved having a baby boy around, he is such a gentle little guy with a sweet demeanor.  We are used to our maniac baby who never sits still.  

This day we went to the splash pad, Devin loved walking around among the big kids and especially enjoyed the mud puddles.  We also spent a day at the pool.  

Kinlee with her typical one shoe off situation.  
Devin definitely fits into our family with that tinge of red in his hair

We always like to show how close we live to camping and love to visit Vedauwoo.  We spent an evening climbing rocks, eating tinfoil dinners, roasting marshmallows, and riding our bikes around the trail.

Kempton looking pretty awesome in his shades (and totally zonked).

Averie being herself:

 Sisters (I should have put makeup on and done my hair.  Sorry about that.)

Couldn't leave home without her cell phone...hehe

Cale took Averie and Kempton on a rock climb.  It is waaaaayyyy scarier than it looks in this picture. They went all the way to the top and then had to come down on their bottoms.  I'm surprised I didn't have a heart attack.  I couldn't even watch.  Do you see the little specks up there?  

Grandpa illustrating how ginormous our marshmallows were.  Would you care for some graham crackers and chocolate with your marshmallow???

We spent the whole time keeping these two munchkins away from the fire.  

Their trip came to an end with our local Jubilee Rodeo Parade.

This was a little unnerving.  A man riding a long-horn bull?  That's a first.  We were just 10 feet away.

Nichole and I also managed to go on a few runs while she was here, the altitude is the devil.  Just ask Nichole.  :)  It really is awful if you haven't ran here before.  No joke about that.  But so nice when I run elsewhere, let me tell you!  Wish we lived closer so that we could run together whenever we want.  

It was so fun to have my parents and sister come to visit!  And of course for my kids to get to know their baby cousin Devin better.  I sure hope she comes again, but next time of course with her hubby...don't be a stranger sis!  

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