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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Idaho

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Our next stop was a visit with Colette's family.  We stayed for just one night, but had a lot of fun!  They showed us all their new renovations, so. much. work.  But such great improvements, their home looks beautiful.  We ate Sunday dinner and us adults caught up in their huge backyard.  The kids enjoyed playing with their new puppy.  The next day we took all the kid's to Colette's work at the Library.  We ate free lunch (haha) with cousins Cecilia and James.  Cecilia is such a sweetheart and a big help with all the little ones.  Averie and Kempton loved playing with James.  It was a short trip, but so nice to see them on their turf.    

We have a wall in our home with individual pictures of all three kids as babies in a blue swing like this one.  I thought I may try to get one of Kinlee but she wasn't having it.  These were the best I could get.     

 Next we traveled to Boise, our final stop in Idaho.  We stayed a few nights with Summer and Jared and had a blast.  The first night Jared's sister so kindly watched all of our kids so we could go on a joyride in their Jeep.  It was a beautiful night for wind in the hair!  We had a nice dinner plus icecream.  It seemed like old times when we would all hang in Michigan.  I wish I had taken a picture of the four of us!  The next morning we headed to the waterpark.  

Baby bums:

All the kids loved going on what they named the "banana slide."   It's the yellow one on the right.  If you look closely you can see Averie jetting down the purple slide.  She is insane.  That ride was ridiculous.  You stand in the closed tube up above and then they count down 10-9-8-7...2-1, then the floor is taken out from under you and you drop almost completely vertical.  Even her daddy was nervous and probably wouldn't have gone down if she wasn't so insistent.  So of course Cale and Jared couldn't be outdone by an 8-year-old girl!   

Her face tells all:   

I wish I would have gotten a picture of Paige with Kempton and Brenna because they were three peas in a pod the whole time.  We were exhausted when we got home but had a yummy dinner and delicious dessert of fried icecream.  Funny how I always talk about the food!  Thanks Summer and Jared for the fun memories!  Your home is beautiful and we love your city.  Next time we hope to stay a little longer and overstay our welcome.

We had the time of our life in Idaho this summer!
We had to leave pretty early the next day to be in time for my Dad's 60th birthday party in Utah.  

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