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Friday, August 9, 2013

Our Idaho Vacation: Oakley

Pin It We have had a very full and eventful summer, with lots of visitors and plenty to do.  Our main vacation was a road trip to Idaho to visit lots of family, with several stops along the way.  We had almost every moment planned, there was hardly any room to deviate.  Each stop was jam-packed with fun, family, and activities.

Our first stop was the longest, a drive to my Mom's hometown of Oakley.  It was a long drive so we stopped at Little America of course where Kempton climbed on top of this fake bull for the perfect shot.

The Oakley 24th celebration has historically been the best time ever.  Upon arrival, all the Clark lady cousins had a girls night at the local Opera house, where we watched a darling performance of 7 Brides for 7 Brothers.  As a kid, I watched my cousins perform in the summer musicals and my uncle and aunt direct, so it was a little strange that they were part of the audience just like me!  

{Megan and Me}

Averie came with us big girls and absolutely loved the play!  

 I had to get to bed "early" as I have been preparing for the Goose Creek Run Off race bright and early the next morning.  I don't know what my problem is, but I can never sleep the night before a race.  I got absolutely no sleep but was high on adrenaline as I woke up before necessary so that I wouldn't miss the bus.  I have come to realize that it is a disorder.  

My cousins and aunt also ran the 10k, it was awesome.  The route was beautiful, it ended in downtown Oakley not too far from our family's store, Clark's for Shopping.  Nostalgic indeed.  

 There were about 200 racers.  My goal was to at least place in my division.  Much to my surprise, I placed 3rd in my division and 6th overall for women with an average 8 minute mile.  It was really awesome having my family and extended family cheer me on.  My uncle was the announcer and as I came in he said, "And all the way from is Suzette!"  How fun(ny) is that? It was an awesome way to start this very busy day.

We then headed over to Aunt Beckie's house where we spent the afternoon playing with lots of cousins.  Kempton became best buds with Thomas, his first cousin once removed.  Got that?  My kids didn't understand how Thomas could be my first cousin.  haha

Even though Gramps and Uncle Harlo are no longer doing the deep pit barbecue for the entire town, we made up for it with our own Clark family barbecue.  

 Hours and hours of water fun.

And then Daddy joined and didn't hold back one bit.

Pelting his very own children right in the head.

Kinlee was soaked but couldn't be happier.

We all headed over for the parade.  
We always have the best seats in town, right in front of our store.  
{All of these cute boys are actually my first cousins} 

Cute Granny

Megan and Me

Megan and Me Junior

My aunt Rachel having a blast on her Class of '88 float.  

Inside one of my favorite places.  Lots of memories were had here.  

Kinlee checking out the never-changing candy shelf.  

 We went back over to Uncle Harlo's house for more food and family time.  

My Dad's birthday always falls around the 24th celebration so we sang a little birthday song to him.  This year was the big 6-0.  You're not elderly yet Dad!  ha!

We ended the night with the rodeo fireworks.  Best seat in town I tell you.  

 The next day we went to church to support Gramp's talk on Pioneers.  
We love Gramps, he is a gem in the family.

So great to spend time with this beautiful gal.  We always pick up where we left off.  Our lives are busy as wives and mothers, and we live far apart, but the connection will always remain.  It feels like yesterday that we were playing library, or store in Granny's basement, bribing our brothers with bubblegum to be in our silly plays, and then on to sharing a twin-sized bed the summer before college, listening to Rod Stewart and "Closing Time" while working at the store, and then on to living in the same apartment complex in college.  Seeing her cute face at Ricks was comforting.  There's nothing like a cousin bestie.  

None of us could get over how much my little cousin Emma looks like my Mom.  She is my Uncle John's (my mom's youngest brother) daughter.  She looks more like my Mom then I do!  It is almost creepy, but in a good way.    

Catherine and Averie became long lost friends

Brenna ADORED my cousin Elizabeth.  They were attached at the hip.  I kept thinking how weird it is that my aunt Rachel and uncle John are closer in age to me than my mom.  I grew up with them (and even shared a room with aunt Rachel as a kid when she lived with us).  Great memories! 

Our trip to Oakley surpassed our expectations.  I left teary-eyed with a strong impression that I will be back very soon.  We are so glad we made the efforts to visit Granny and Gramps along with all of our dear relatives. 

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