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Sunday, October 6, 2013

First Day of School

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This year's first day of school is a big milestone for our family.  Our three oldest will be in school all day every day.  I never even pictured this day when I was in the midst of three little ones in three and a half years, but now here we are.  An end of an era for me, but I'm so excited for them! 

I must begin with our little kindergartner.  I will miss my sweet little sidekick, we had a lot of precious moments together, just the two of us.  She just seems too little to be headed off to school, but she is very ready and a big girl in her brain (as she tells me).  

(she tilts her head in every picture)

Kempton is a big 1st grader this year.  He has been telling Brenna all there is to know about kindergarten because he is an expert on all things kindergarten.  I can tell that Brenna and Kempton really lean on each other, kind of like how twins would I suppose.  I hope they will always be this emotionally attached.   

And here is our big 3rd grader, growing up before our eyes.  She requested this fashionable bun on the top of her head.  So chic.


And they're off!

Brenna's teacher is new to the school (Mrs. Henry).  I know she is in good hands.  And Kempton has the beloved Mr. D this year.  Averie was mortified when I suggested we get a picture of her with her teacher.  She is now in the upper grades, which means the big kid wing of the school.  We realized after we walked her to her classroom that there is probably an unspoken rule out there that says you aren't supposed to walk your 3rd grader to her classroom.  Oops!  haha

Kinlee hates goodbyes and cried by the back door when brother and sisters left her behind. 

And then shortly after, she was so emotionally drained (haha) that she fell asleep right on the floor. 

I am really excited that I can now give my mini-me all of my attention. Let's hope she isn't bored out of her mind...

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