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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pin It How did my baby boy turn into a 7-year-old kid?  Such a tender heart he's always been, hope he stays this way forever.  Mechanical mind, detailed, trampoline is his favorite past time, hates being by himself, focused, always chooses water with ice over soda, scratchy voice, throws a mean spiral football, doesn't want to hurt a flea, thinks before he acts, wants to do what's right, filled with questions, doesn't ask for much, unbelievable memory, loves to wear a tie, searches for answers, best big brother, loves potty talk, tidy, great singer, ready to race motocross.  That's how I would describe my boy.  

His birthday was back on September 2nd, but his party was even further back, in August.  I began to panic as September was approaching.  With our trip to Texas the end of August, school starting and Labor day, I knew if we waited too long, the weather wouldn't last.  He had requested a water party in the back yard, with water balloons, sprinkler, slip n'slide, icecream sundaes, and such.  So I threw together a quick party, invited his best buddies and called it good.  It was the best decision ever, the easiest party yet, but just as fun! 

Each friend got their own squirt gun, we put the sprinkler under the trampoline, raced down the slip n' slide, went through over 200 water balloons in a matter of two minutes, and played some fun relay races. I made a set of sponges where they had to fill up their teams buckets with water.  

Crazy boys, and even more fun for me that the craziness was contained outside!  

Kinlee got in on all the action.  I'd say red hair runs in the family.  

We then had icecream sundaes and opened presents.

Which deliberately turned into icecream soup.

The boys

The gang.  I think from now on, we will always celebrate Kempton's birthday the end of August.  It just gets lost in the shuffle with Labor Day and school starting.  It can be the "last hurrah" of every summer.  He loved it, and so did I!  

And it was a good thing we celebrated early because the poor guy was really sick on his actual birthday.  He had requested crepes for his birthday breakfast, along with white sauce noodles and spaghetti squash (yes, you didn't hear wrong, I said spaghetti squash... and water) for his dinner, but didn't even want me to make it when the time came.  You will see how sickly he looks in his birthday pictures.  He tried to put on a smile, but he couldn't hide it well.  He had just been through the longest stomach flu ever which then turned into an awful ear infection and a complete loss of appetite for about a week total.  He was looking pretty skinny but within a week after, the weight was back on.  phew! 

Kempton loves ties and always wears them to church each Sunday.  He now has a nice variety from Grandma.  He also loved his yo-yo set and motocross sweatshirt.

 Star Wars Encyclopedia and mini light saber from Gran and Grandpa.  I think he has most of the characters memorized by now.  We have a Guess Who Star Wars game and he wins every time!

Poor boy looks sick and tired in the picture, with his cotton balls in his infected ears.  His main present from Dad and Mom was his scrapbook (a year behind, his 5th year) along with his Broncos build-a-bear that he picked out all by himself.  Our kids have a love for stuffed animals that I will never understand.  haha  Sisters gave him Robin Hood and Sword in the Stone.  Both movies were on his (very short) gift wish list.  

Happy Birthday Bubba!  We sure love you. 

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