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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another year has come and gone...

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We aren't the biggest party animals.  Most nights, I prefer to stay home with just our little family.  It's my comfort zone and our New Years Eve was no exception.  This year, we stayed in but let the kids stay up until 2014.  The night began around 6:00 pm and we popped a balloon every hour (or less) until midnight. 
Each balloon had instructions to an activity/game/dance/treat .  Here we are playing JENGA:

Kinlee does these sort of things all the time, so it seems fitting that she would begin the new year off right with marker all over her face and body.  We just thought she was quietly coloring over at the kid table.  Little did we know...
Brenna tried really hard, but made it 11 pm.
Our last balloon of the night, New Year's indoor explosives haha

Kempton worked all day New Years Eve to create his calendar for the year.  He put in birthdays and holidays and crosses out the date every morning right out of bed.  I love my organized boy! 

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