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Thursday, February 27, 2014

22 months

Pin It As I've said many times before, there is never a dull moment with our toddler.  Part of me is sad to say "toddler" because she is our baby.  But there's a lot of hilarious moments that comes along with having a toddler that make it easier to let her grow just a bit. 

First off, her vocabulary is exploding.  Everything she says is so funny to us, especially her full sentences.  I swear this happened over night.  She orders us all around and we just go along because it is so dang cute.  Even her bossiness cracks us up, she is especially funny when she is mad. 

She still thinks she owns the place, climbing on top of everything.  She loves to climb up on the girls' new bunk bed and has fallen off a few times but it still doesn't stop her!

She loves to "sleep" in the doll bed because it is so comfy???

This time, she got into my eye makeup remover and gave herself a facial and conditioned her hair.  She was a grease ball!  And she always seems to do these types of things right as we are about to leave to go somewhere.  I swear this is why I'm always late!  But then she does her cheesy grin and there's no way I could be mad.  She knows just how to manipulate us all!  
I can't keep her off the counter, especially when chocolate chip cookies are involved.   She decided to share with all of her siblings and feed them cookie dough with her fingers. 

 Anyone care for some cookies?  Gross.
The three girlies

She knew she was being funny when she came out with this dress up skirt up to her armpits and Mama's high heels on.  That HUGE smile is hard to resist. 


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