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Friday, October 10, 2014

Great to be Eight

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We had a special event take place the beginning of September.  It's hard to believe our little guy turned eight, seems just like yesterday that his big sister was baptized.  

Kempton has a really strong hold of Gospel principles, and an understanding of doctrine.  He always wants to do what's right (helps that he is a "rule follower" and doesn't like to "scribble outside the lines").  He has a tender heart and is humble and teachable.  He was ready to be baptized.  

I am trying to increase my photography skills so that I can capture my own kids in memorable moments.  Kempton was a good sport and very patient with his mother when we ventured out one evening just him and I to take these pictures.  I took way too long, but I think we got some good ones of him and his personality!

 And then came the big day.  Kempton had a lot of support from family and friends. 
 He must really be loved!  

His wonderful grandparents wouldn't miss it for the world (Grandpa Peterson got on a plane just one week post major abdominal surgery)!

 Such a sweet picture of his cousin/buddy Joey and him.  

He's beaming before the big event!  It was a wonderful day filled with the Spirit and the support from our loved ones. 

And here's is Kempton's slide show:

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