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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baby Shower

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It was so fun to have a shower for our fifth child.  Every baby is a blessing, whether the first or the last and deserves to be celebrated.  I honestly hate being the center of attention so it kind of gave me anxiety but then I decided to just sit back and enjoy and soak in all the love and support from friends.  

My good friend Lori hosted the shower, along with Kristin who offered her beautiful home.  I could tell by the invitations that this was going to be fancy shmancy (right up my alley)!

I didn't get nearly enough pictures of everything, but as Cale's work friend (who came to the party) said, it was like "Pinterest on Crack."  I loved that.

Yummy food

Everyone put their little fingerprint on this darling canvas.  

Here's a great picture of the hostesses:

Here's a sample of the guests.  I had my girls and some of their girlfriends come too.  

The party was just two days after surgery for Averie.  She did pretty well and then started fading after the first hour or so.  

 Most of my pictures were caught mid sentence:

Here's a before shot of my huge torpedo belly before the party.  I was 38 weeks.

Me and baby were spoiled rotten, which was so appreciated and humbling.  I kept very few things from Kempton's babyhood for some reason so this was so. much. fun.

This was overwhelming.  When Cale saw everything he got anxiety and was embarrassed by the generosity.  Who wouldn't be?  But so appreciative.

Lots of Broncos stuff

and football stuff

And how cute is this outfit?  Everything was so adorable!  I can't wait to dress him.

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