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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Pin It In March my Granny passed away.  I did a lot of reflecting back to sweet memories.  Her raspberry garden, piano playing, Oakley vacations, lunch time "suppers" the summer before college, Disneyland trip, homemade hangers, huge smile when we talked, trip to California from Idaho with us newlyweds, sneaking Vitamin Cs and so much more.  These memories will be treasured for years to come.  I still can't get over how she gave up her acceptance to the Julliard School of Music to go on a church mission.  That must have been a hard decision, but one that I know she did not regret.  In my mind, she is a feminist.  It was either college or a mission, both of which weren't as common back then.  She and my Gramps were married for over 60 years and had such a tender marriage, I remember hearing them communicate every morning before Gramps would head to the store (they would talk in full voices haha).  They were best friends and my Mom says she never remembers them arguing.  They were a great example to me of love and marriage, through all the trials and weaknesses we are given in life.  Surely she's having a sweet reunion with her Mom whom she hasn't seen since she died when Granny was in her 20s, plus her sister/best friend.

There is a silver lining when it comes to funerals.  It was an opportunity to spend time with family that I hadn't seen in years.  Family who I love and am close to.  It sounds strange, but it was really an enjoyable time.  You know you've lived a great life when so many people gather to celebrate and enjoy one another.

As I'm typing this, little Kinlee came and sat on my lap to look at the picture.  She very thoughtfully said to me, "Hers is sleeping to live with Jesus.  What her name again? Oh yeah.  Granny!"  It was a tender experience for my children as well, to talk about life and death.  The spirit was so strong, it was a beautifully sacred experience to mourn the loss of our Granny.

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