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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kinlee's 3rd Birthday

Pin It She pretty much grew overnight, I can't believe how big she is, it just occurred to me when I saw these pictures that she is not a baby.  Pretty sure we'll keep calling her baby though.  Happy 3rd birthday to Kinlee Coo!  She's sweet and shy in public, doesn't need much sleep, chatterbox only to close friends and family, knows top 40 songs by heart, couldn't care less about food, gentle heart, rarely in trouble, tender big sister, daddy's girl, mommy's sidekick, and a happy girl.  We love her soooo much!

She has been talking about her birthday for months now, kept referring to it as her "Dora birthday," but really she is obsessed with Doc McStuffins so I changed it up.  She was so excited, started talking in her high-pitched voice, "Mommy, I get a Doc McStuffins party?  Really!!??" Too cute.  Easy to please.  She invited three of her little friends over for a play date party.  It was really low key, but completely met her expectations.

Before everyone arrived, we did a quick photo shoot.  This one melts my heart:

 And then she got sick of it:

 The Doc McStuffins paraphernalia was in abundance. 

We did a little crafting.

 Family Party

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