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Thursday, April 28, 2016

For the Love of February

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In February, there was a lot of this going on...

(messes, all over, every where) 

(babies underfoot)


(dangerous activities)

(cupboards emptied)

In February, I wanted to capture "The Day in the Life of" so that I never forget it.  I would describe this season of life as:

Hard Work

I know it will be gone in a flash, I'm really trying to savor the moments like this.  The purpose is to remember to support women who are in my situation when it is behind me, I never want to trivialize their struggles or accomplishments.  The other reason is to remember these days, all the highs and lows, and look back with sweet remembrance.

(gymnastics carpool with friend and maniac little brother)

(preschool at our house this day)

(of course somebody was sick)


(study spelling with kids)

We can't forget the Superbowl!  Probably in the running for the best holiday in this household.  We couldn't take the pressure. But the mood and our faces were much happier when the BRONCOS WON!!! 

Sunday Selfies

 Our basement is slowly coming together.

 Sister Baths

(house back to messy)

(valentines prep)

(sneaking a few treats)

(baby needs another nap)

(still working...)

(this may have sent me over the top)

(grilled cheese and tomato soup)
(getting dressed is the pits)

(the finished products)

(bath night, drinking bum water)

(more homework)

(bedtime stories)

(four down one to go, clean house while we sleep haha)

(preschool prep and DVR)

And a few additional things worth mentioning in February:

Perriton uncles and aunties came to visit

My sweet Beehives served a romantic and elegant Valentines Day dinner for two.

Averie's run-in with an exact-o-knife resulted in a trip to the Urgent Care.

 February did not disappoint...I need a nap after posting this.

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