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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

28 and Holding

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September is an intense month for our family. Lucky for Cale, our upcoming addition won't be adding to this wild month filled with birthdays! My birthday is sandwiched between Kempton and Averie's special days. This is just fine... who really wants to turn another year older anyway? Can't I just pretend that I'm still 25? They (who are "they" anyway?) say we all reach our physical prime at age 25. Of course, "they" were probably not eight months pregnant at age 25. This may not have been my physical prime, but it definitely was one of my "primes." I became a mother for the first time. 28 is another prime...two adorable children with one on the way and a very loving and thoughtful husband who happens to be pretty adorable himself. I guess birthdays aren't so bad after all if it means a few more lessons in life, along with some added blessings.

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Quinn said...

Happy belated Birthday! lots of love... xoxo