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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Castle For Our Princess

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"Hear Ye! Hear Ye!"
"Calling all knights and fair maidens too...nothing but a fairy tale celebration will do!
Our Princess Averie is turning three!"

This was printed on Averie's birthday party invitation. Averie of course wanted a princess party, but she has several friends that are boys (whom she LOVES) so we couldn't just cater to little girls! I tried to convince her that she would love a "bug" party, but she would hear nothing of it. Instead, we had everyone dress up as their favorite fairy tale character. There were three princesses, one fairy, one king, one knight, and one prince. Averie, her cousins, and her friends were absolutely darling! They loved the dragon egg hunt and fairy tale sticker craft. They also enjoyed dancing with wands, blowing "sword in the stone" bubbles, reading a fairy tale story, and of course eating yummy kid-friendly food. It was special to have Grandma Peterson visiting during the birthday festivities. Grandma and I discovered a castle cake that we thought would be perfect. We stayed up until 2:00 am meticulously assembling and decorating this work of art. Averie absolutely loved watching the process and was our little helper. We let her stay up until 11:00 pm, not wanting to put a damper on her overwhelming excitement! These are the moments that I want to bottle up forever, seeing the sparkle in my children's eyes. We are positive this was Averie's best day so far.


Ponczoch Family said...

LOVE underwear on the head pictures. What a fun party!

Marsh Family said...

So so so cute and holy cow that cake is amazing!!! Love, Nat

Quinn said...

what an incredible cake! adorable party, too! I can't believe your gorgeous princess is 3!!!