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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Perriton Family Reunion

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All of us Michiganders hosted the Perriton Family reunion this year. It's getting to be hard enough to just see our immediate family, hence the need to make it an official occasion. We had busy days filled with fun activities for everyone (water park, splash park and beaches, miniature golfing and go-carts, real golfing, salon and spa, talent show, Weird Al concert, etc.). Averie and Kempton enjoyed spending time with all of their cousins, uncles and aunties. Brenna got plenty of attention from everyone, especially uncle Rick! :) We had a wonderful time with everyone, we just really need to work towards owning a huge mansion so that next time we can all stay together. Thank you family for making the long trip here to spend time as a group. We have lots of memories to last until the next time!

This is the younger version of Cale, called Ben.

Kempton was petrified! Look at him hanging on to Daddy for dear life!

Brenna doing what she does best....flirting!

Grandma and Averie are so cute in their matching sun hats.

Don't you just love a man in the kitchen?

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mamapickle said...

jealous! That's all I can say :)