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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Preschool Days

Pin It Today was Averie's last day of preschool at Clarkston Co-Op. She had such a wonderful year, we have been so pleased with her teachers, classmates and parents, and preschool. It was a ton of work for me, but I am very happy to have been part of a preschool with so much parental involvement. Averie's teacher is incredibly in tune with each child's needs and their strengths, which I think is most important. All of Averie's classmates are going on to kindergarten next year so for most parents, this was a very bittersweet day. It was bittersweet for us because this is just a portion of the goodbyes for us!

Group hug!
All 10 preschoolers and teachers saying goodbye.

Averie hosted me to a "Mother's Day Tea Party" last week. It was such a cute day. Each child escorted their mommy inside, gave us a personalized book with a sweet letter, made us muffins and fruit salad to eat, sang us a sweet song, and painted a flower pot. It was so special to have this one-on-one time with my favorite preschooler!

Last week we went with Averie's preschool to an organic dairy farm. Now whenever we talk about cows, Kempton tells me about their pink udders! I will always remember this trip for the most delicious chocolate milk I have EVER joke! I felt a strong connection to the cows actually (nurse until pregnant and repeat).

Our trip to the Fire Station

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ColleenandKendra said...

Love love LOVE Clarkston Co-op Preschool. Love even more Mrs. French and Mrs. Tice. They are amazing women. Glad you had as good an experience with it as Kendra and I did!