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Sunday, September 20, 2009

10 reasons I know I'm turning 30...

Pin It 1) College students, waitresses, and missionaries look so young to me.
2) I have grey hairs sprouting, and they are obvious because of my dark hair. Thank goodness for highlights!
3) Skin care was never THIS important.
4) I could have a 10-year-old and it would be considered normal.
5) "Old" is a term I no longer use lightly.
6) I have three kids and a mini van.
7) I've been married almost a decade.
8) Some of my best friends are in their 30s and 40s...and they are young!
9) There is no room for skipping exercise.
and last but definitely not least...
10) I feel comfortable with who I am.

10 reasons I'm looking forward to turning 30:

1) I don't have to worry about being 30 because I just AM.
2) Turning 30 makes me appreciate my 20's and look forward to my 40's.
3) I get to smile when people cannot believe I'm 30.
4) Maybe I won't get such strange looks as I'm carting around my three kids.
5) I get to say "I remember when I was in my 20s."
6) I can live the life I've always looked forward to living.
7) I can make positive changes because I admit my own weaknesses.
8) I am comfortable with my own body (if you know what I mean). :)
9) I let a lot of things go. Being high strung is such a waste of time!
10) There is so much to learn...


ColleenandKendra said...

Happy birthday sweetie! Love the awesome attitude. You are amazing, and I'll be the first to say "I can't believe you are thirty!"

Jill said...

Happy birthday! Thirty is really no big deal. And, thanks for saying that your friends in their 40's are young!

Whittney Clark said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! You are a beautiful thirty! Enjoy everyday of it!

Clarke and Kamie said...

I know, I think the big 3-0 (for me in october) is bittersweet. Glad to see the 20's go--maybe I'll be taken more seriously:) But a little scary to never be in my 20's anymore! If it helps any, you are a hot momma!!!

Bj said...

I remember when you guys were our young friends. It's all down hill from 30.

mamapickle said...

SUch a great idea to make a list :) Thirty was a big one for me. But honestly 31 was harder because it was no big deal, just getting older. Now I am 33 and I really like that number :)

Jack and Laura Conley Blog said...

When I turned thirty I was in 3 Car accidents 3 days in a row. My parents begged me to stay home on the 4th day and I did. So I did not like turning 30. Looking back thirty wasn't so bad. Turning 40 was much better!

Jack and Laura Conley Blog said...

I forgot to say
Happy Birthday!

Washington Hills said...

Love it! I just turned 30 last month and have to say - It's about the same as 29, and yet feels really cool. Welcome to the group!


Christine said...

Happy Birthday to my cute 30 year old friend. Now we can say we were buddies back in our 20's:) Great attitued you've got!